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Example Contract: JYZ00

Symbol = Japanese Yen
Month = Z = December
Year = 2000
F = January J = April N = July V = October
G = February K = May Q = August X = November
H = March M = June U = September Z = December

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CR CRB/Bridge Index Futures
DJ Dow Jones Industrial Average
EV S&P 500 EOM
MV Value Line Index
ND Nasdaq 100 Index
NK Nikkei 225 Index
RL Russell 2000
SP S&P 500

AD Australian Dollar
BP British Pound
CD Canadian Dollar
DX US Dollar Index
EC Euro Currency Unit
JY Japanese Yen
ME Mexican Peso
SF Swiss Franc
ZE E-Mini Euro Currency
ZJ E-Mini Japanese Yen

CL Crude Oil, Light Sweet
HO Heating Oil
NG Natural Gas, Henry Hub
RB New York Harbor RBOB Gasoline

Softs / Tropicals
CC Cocoa
CT Cotton No. 2
JO Orange Juice, Frozen Concentrate
KC Coffee (C)
LB Random Length Lumber
SB Sugar #11 World

AL Aluminum
GC Gold
HG Copper
PA Palladium
PL Platinum
SI Silver

ED Eurodollar
EY Euroyen 90-Day
FF Federal Funds 30-Day
FV 5-Year Treasury Notes
TY 10-Year Treasury Notes
US Treasury Bonds 30-Year

Grains & Oilseeds
BO Soybean Oil
C Corn
KW Hard Red Winter Kansas Wheat
MW Hard Red Spring Minn. Wheat
O Oats
RR Rough Rice
RS Rapeseed / Canola
S Soybeans
SM Soybean Meal
W Wheat

FC Feeder Cattle
LC Live Cattle
LH Lean Hogs
PB Frozen Pork Bellies

ES E-Mini S&P 500 Stock Price Index
EW E-Mini S&P 500 EOM
EW1 E-Mini S&P Week 1
EW2 E-Mini S&P Week 2
EW4 E-Mini S&P Week 4
NQ E-Mini Nasdaq 100
TF Russell 2000 Mini
YE Mini Eurodollar
YG Mini Gold
YI Mini Silver
YM E-Mini Dow Jones Indus.-$5
YW Mini Wheat